Update manager

Drupal 7 Update Manager Virtual Code Sprint: Monday 2009-12-28 5pm UTC

The Update manager in Drupal 7 core allows site admins to securely update their contributed modules and themes directly through the administration UI, instead of having to manually upload files to their server (see Update manager in D7: What's done and what's next for more details). It's very slick, and will make keeping a Drupal site up to date a lot easier for a lot of people.

Update manager in D7: What's done and what's next

It's been quiet on the 3281d blog for a while, but not because of a lack of interesting things happening. Quite the contrary, I've been so busy that I haven't made time to write. To break the silence, I'm going to start with a status report about the Update manager in D7 core -- Drupal can now (securely) update itself when new releases are available if you tell it to! It's an incredible new feature that will remove a major source of pain for a large set of Drupal users and help keep more Drupal sites running the latest, most secure releases.

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