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Drupal 7 Update Manager Virtual Code Sprint: Monday 2009-12-28 5pm UTC

The Update manager in Drupal 7 core allows site admins to securely update their contributed modules and themes directly through the administration UI, instead of having to manually upload files to their server (see Update manager in D7: What's done and what's next for more details). It's very slick, and will make keeping a Drupal site up to date a lot easier for a lot of people.

Packaged installation profiles officially come to drupal.org

After 2 furious final weeks of development, 3281d Consulting is very proud and excited to announce an on-schedule completion of our work to bring packaged installation profiles to drupal.org -- rejoice!!

Packaged install profiles ready for testing on d6.project.drupal.org

3281d Consulting is pleased to announce that fully packaged installation profile releases are now available for testing on http://d6.project.drupal.org. This feature has enormous potential to expand Drupal adoption to new audiences by significantly lowering the barrier for end users trying to get a customized distribution up and ready for the kind of site they're building.

Update manager in D7: What's done and what's next

It's been quiet on the 3281d blog for a while, but not because of a lack of interesting things happening. Quite the contrary, I've been so busy that I haven't made time to write. To break the silence, I'm going to start with a status report about the Update manager in D7 core -- Drupal can now (securely) update itself when new releases are available if you tell it to! It's an incredible new feature that will remove a major source of pain for a large set of Drupal users and help keep more Drupal sites running the latest, most secure releases.

Death to "+1 subscribe" comments: Help needed

It drives us all nuts. People have complained about it for years. How many times has an issue showed up with "new information" your inbox, tracker page, or an issue queue looking like this:

subscribe comments suck

3281d Consulting at DC DrupalCon

Greetings from DC DrupalCon! It's been a busy and exciting time in the Drupal world. Derek and Chad from 3281d Consulting are happy to announce that drupal.org is upgraded to Drupal 6, which means that the entire Project* suite is ported and running nicely in D6. We'll be posting write-ups about some of the work we did to make it all possible (especially the advanced Views integration for the issue queues), so stay tuned for that.

While we're here at the DrupalCon, we're looking forward to catching up with old friends and making new ones. We're planning to schedule a BoF session about the Project suite and future directions later in the week (probably Friday 1:45pm to 2:15pm, but check the BoF Board to confirm). Of course, we'll be at the Code Sprint on Saturday, hacking all sorts of good things. If you're interested in the Project* suite, please find Derek and/or Chad at the conference, or contact us and let us know if you want to get together over a meal or schedule a meeting.

Drupal.org upgrade sprint roundup for the Project suite

As part of the Drupal.org redesign code sprints, Derek and Chad traveled to Boston the last week of January and focused on upgrading the Project module so drupal.org can run Drupal version 6.x.

Hello world from 3281d Consulting

Greetings Drupal Planet!

The Project module is one of the oldest pieces of code in all of Drupal. It is the software that powers all the collaborative development that happens on drupal.org: issue queues, releases, download browsing pages, CVS integration, and more. In just over a week, it will celebrate its 7th birthday of living in the contributions CVS repository:

revision 1.1
date: 2002-02-13 06:41:15 -0800; author: kjartan; state: Exp;
- moving project.module to the contrib repository.

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