Improve packaging of installation profiles

Installation profiles allow easy installation and configuration of a pre-defined set of modules. For example, the testing profile allows a user to quickly set up a site that approximates, which is useful for testing. The biggest usability limitation of the current system is that all of the modules required by the installation profile must be downloaded and placed in the correct directories separately. Instead of being a one step process to get a new site up and running, end users must download the installation profile, read the documentation (if it even exists!) to find the list of other things to download, and so on.

With some work, the packaging scripts that come with Project module and which create all of the releases on could be modified to automatically gather Drupal core and all the contributed modules needed for a particular install profile, and place them in a single archive file for download. This would greatly improve the usability of installation profiles, and make it much easier for Drupal site builders to get started with a Drupal installation tailored for a specific type of website.