Email to ticket gateway

A common feature of many issue tracking systems is the ability to create and manipulate tickets via e-mail. There is currently no support in the Project issue tracking module to do this. Drupal does provide a mechanism to create content via e-mail, the Mailhandler module, and there is some very old Mailhandler-integration code in Project issue tracking. However, this code really needs to be cleaned up, ported, and polished. Some of the great things this would allow:

  • Using a single system for all ticket tracking, instead of relying on one system for e-mail support, and another for the full-featured web-based system.
  • Replying to issue notification e-mails to follow-up, reclassify, and/or close issues, instead of needing to use a web browser to respond.
  • The ability to generate issue replies while working off-line which would automatically be sent off and processed once you connected back to the Net and your mail client could deliver the messages.