Derek Wright

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Derek (also known as dww) has been active in the Drupal community since December of 2005 as a module developer, core contributor, webmaster on, and member of the Drupal security team. In addition to being a prolific module maintainer (over 5000 commits to the Drupal contributions Git repositories and counting) and working on Drupal's home, he also designed and implemented a major newspaper site running Drupal, Derek has spoken at numerous Drupal conferences and events about a wide range of topics. He has been active as a mentor of other Drupal developers through Google's Summer of Code and Highly Open Participation programs, and has contributed extensively to the documentation.

Prior to working on Drupal, Derek spent over a decade working as research staff in the Computer Science Department of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He was one of the most senior staff working on a large distributed computing project called Condor. He was responsible for designing, implementing, and testing code in a large, distributed project. He coordinated and oversaw a development team of over 40 students and staff. He managed modifications to the Condor source tree, and has extensive expertise in revision control, automated software building and testing, and release management.

Contributions to the infrastructure

  • Designed and wrote the system for releasing Drupal contributions, where all contrib modules and themes have real releases, version strings, and much more.
  • Added project-based access control for the Drupal contributions CVS repository.
  • Maintained and enhanced the code responsible for all issue tracking, release management, and download browsing on
  • Active member of the infrastructure and webmaster teams, deploying changes on the live site, helping to debug problems, and so on.
  • One of the main implementors of the redesign.
  • One of the primary architects and developers for Drupal's migration from CVS to Git.
  • Extensive work on the distribution packaging system.

Modules written or maintained

Additionally, Derek has contributed patches for or committed improvements to the following modules: