About 3281d Consulting

3281d Consulting was founded by Derek Wright and Chad Phillips, and specializes in building Drupal-based solutions for project management, issue tracking, release management, revision control integration and more. We have many years of experience developing and deploying issue tracking and project management systems, automated build and test infrastructures, integrating with numerous revision control systems and so on. We are both long-term members of the Drupal community, sit on the Drupal Security Team, and maintain all of the software that facilitates software development of the Drupal Project itself.

While drupal.org is a great example of the power and flexibility that Drupal provides to enable a huge community with thousands of contributors spread around the globe to collaborate and develop software, we believe that is only the beginning of what's possible. Drupal's modular design enables it to be used for a whole range of needs, so you can build a seamlessly integrated site for your project, instead of relying on separate tools for support forums, wikis, issue tracking, blogs, and more.

3281d Consulting is available for all stages of building the perfect collaboration site, from architecture, to site building, to custom coding. We also want to help make drupal.org itself a better tool to serve the Drupal community. We believe that by contributing back to Drupal's home, we help improve Drupal itself, which in turn makes a better tool for everyone using it. We're strong supporters of the Open Source movement, and all of our work on the Drupal modules we maintain is contributed back to the Drupal project and released under the GNU Public License.

Please contact us if you're interested in finding out more about what we do and how we can help you create the right collaboration tool for your needs.