Farewell to Chad Phillips (hunmonk)

After many months of careful consideration, I've decided to formally step away from Drupal. I'm extremely grateful for what it's taught me and all the friends I've made. Life, however, is calling me in other directions, and I no longer have time to devote to my volunteer work with the community. I feel it's best to make a clean, formal break as opposed to simply taking time off or leaving things open, as it will allow me to focus my attention fully on my new endeavors.

Most importantly, my departure means that the community is losing a co-maintainer for the Project module, and my hope is that another person will step in with enthusiasm to fill that gap.

I'm leaving my Contact tab on my user profile up, in case anyone needs to reach me, and you'll probably find me hanging out in #drupal on IRC from time to time, visiting with old friends!

I wish everyone the best of luck and continued success for Drupal and its exceptional community.
- Chad Phillips (hunmonk)


I'm very grateful for all the work Chad has poured into the Drupal community (and the codebase) over the years. Back in the beginning of 2006 I first started collaborating with him while I was building a website for my band using the Signup module (which he then maintained). Ever since, he's been a technical collaborator on many projects, a business partner, and a good friend. I'm sad to see him go, but I also know that when you're ready to move on, it's time to make a change.

Although it's been a bumpy ride at times, these are exciting times for the Project module (and all its related moving parts). We're in the middle of almost completely re-writing it for Drupal 7. It's been taking longer than we'd hoped... partly because of Chad's exit from the team, partly because I've been busy with a huge non-Drupal project myself, and partly because it's just a lot of work. But I'm extremely thankful that Neil Drumm has stepped in as a new co-maintainer for the Project* suite, and that Brandon Bergren has stepped up to keep the port moving forward. We're in the home stretch now, but we could always use more help. Come find us in #drupal-project on IRC, or check out the roadmap document and see how you can get involved.

Thanks again to Chad for all he's given to the community, and best of luck to him on his next adventures.

- Derek Wright (dww)


Does this mean Chad is also

Does this mean Chad is also leaving 3281d? or that 3281d is moving away from Drupal?

Wish Chad all the best. It would be interesting to see what he will be doing next.

Chad and 3281d

Yes, Chad is leaving 3281d. No, 3281d is not leaving Drupal.

Thanks for asking, that reminds me I needed to fix up some of the text on this site to reflect the change. ;)


best of luck Chad

wherever you're going