3281d Consulting sessions at DrupalCon SF

Those of us at 3281d Consulting are excited about DrupalCon San Francisco 2010 and looking forward to a great conference. Today is your last day to vote for the sessions we've proposed -- we'd love to share some of our experiences and expertise with the rest of the community:

  • Drupal Distributions on drupal.org: We'll talk about our recent work bringing fully packaged Drupal distributions to the drupal.org infrastructure, and join a panel of experts to discuss the future possibilities for Drupal distributions.
  • The future of the Project* suite that powers drupal.org: This session will discuss the current state of the Project* suite, the roadmap for the future, how you can contribute to the plumbing that powers drupal.org, and how other sites are benefiting from this suite of modules. The fine folks from Top Notch Themes will join us to talk about how Project* is powering their new site, FusionDrupalThemes.com.
  • The exodus: leading Drupal out of CVS: The drupal.org development environment is finally entering the modern era of distributed version control -- we'll be migrating from CVS to Git. 3281d's Derek Wright (dww) will join Angie Byron (webchick) and Damien Tournoud (DamZ) to discuss this change, what it means, and how it's going to effect everyone.
  • Module installation and updating made easy in Drupal 7: dww will be joining a panel discussion to talk about the Update manager in Drupal 7 core, how it's going to radically improve the workflow for average site administrators to keep their sites up to date with security updates and the latest releases, explore the efforts to build module browser/installer for Drupal 7 (as a contributed module) and talk about the future of this functionality in Drupal 8 core.
  • Best practices in contrib development and support: dww will be joining another panel to discuss the ins and outs of successfully maintaining code on the drupal.org infrastructure, how to be a responsible maintainer, how to manage releases, how to deal with your issue queues, all that good stuff.

Plus, if all goes well, Derek's Brazilian percussion band will play at one of the parties after the conference for some high-energy celebration. Stay tuned for updates on this as the plans develop. ;)

See you in San Francisco!