Drupal 7 Update Manager Virtual Code Sprint: Monday 2009-12-28 5pm UTC

The Update manager in Drupal 7 core allows site admins to securely update their contributed modules and themes directly through the administration UI, instead of having to manually upload files to their server (see Update manager in D7: What's done and what's next for more details). It's very slick, and will make keeping a Drupal site up to date a lot easier for a lot of people. However, there's still a lot to do before Drupal core 7.0 ships to really make this feature shine, and to fix some lingering problems from the Drupal 6 update.module (formerly known as "Update status"). So, 3281d Consulting is organizing a virtual code sprint on Monday 2009-12-28 to make a big push on the Update manager to get it ready to release. The Update manager co-maintainers, dww (3281d Consulting) and davereid (freelance), will be in #drupal-contribute on IRC (freenode.net) starting at 5:00pm UTC (9:00am PST) and will be around for roughly 8 hours to focus on the following issues:

Anyone who wants to help is invited to join us! Although coders are certainly welcome, they're not the only people who could contribute to this. Some of the issues involve the user interface so people to provide UI feedback and reviews (and suggestions) would be great. We'll need people to manually test some things, since the Update manager involves some moving parts that are pretty hard to write automated tests for. That said, folks with some experience writing automated tests would be great, since there are a lot of things that could be tested which currently are not. As always, people to review the patches and help get them "RTBC" would be wonderful.

See you in IRC on Monday!

Happy holidays,
-Derek (dww)