Drupal.org upgrade sprint roundup for the Project suite

As part of the Drupal.org redesign code sprints, Derek and Chad traveled to Boston the last week of January and focused on upgrading the Project module so drupal.org can run Drupal version 6.x. After 5 long days, we're pleased to announce that Project module (and all related modules in the Project suite, including Project issue tracking and CVS Integration) are fully upgraded and working on 6.x!

Some of the highlights of the changes we've accomplished:

  • Project 6.x makes extensive use of the Views module to generate the issue tracking overview and search pages.
  • Derek and Damien Tournaud wrote a new project_solr module to integrate Project* data with ApacheSolr, which is the search index now being used on the upgraded drupal.org. This code is providing new facet-based searching to browse all available downloads on the site (modules, themes, etc). We're only beginning to take full advantage of the power that Solr provides -- expect lots more improvements and innovations over the next few weeks.
  • Chad and Derek did the initial work to support multiple file attachments on release nodes. This will allow drupal.org to provide both .tar.gz and .zip files of all releases, for example. The database schema is now in place, but there are aspects of the UI and code logic that need to be finished. Check out our plans for multi-file release nodes and let us know if you'd like to contribute (either financially or in the code).
  • Austin Smith joined the sprint for a few days to help upgrade the Comment upload module. The three of us joined forces and made some nice usability improvements for commenting on issues, including an autocomplete text field to change the project that an issue is classified under. The old drop-down selector sort of worked fine when drupal.org had only a couple hundred projects, but with over 4000 projects on the site now, the UI was completely unusable (and a huge drain on bandwidth and page loading time when reading issues).

The current project code is fully deployed at the drupal.org 6.x staging site -- feel free to test it out and help us with beta testing!

We'd like to thank the following sponsors for their very generous donations to this effort, which was used to cover airfare, food, and keyboard time for the sprint:

Being at the sprint was a fantastic experience. We finally got to meet some of the collaborators in person that we had only known virtually. The productivity of the whole team was amazing. It was a perfect blend of skills and responsibilities, and we accomplished a huge task in a very short time. Although neither Chad nor Derek can attend the drupal.org redesign sprint in Paris next week, we wish them the best of luck and continued progress on the new and improved drupal.org. We'll certainly be doing all we can remotely...